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Hello, everyone!

Thanks for checking out my page! It is a privilege to provide North Georgia with the most accurate and dependable forecasts.  Learn a little bit more about me below and don't hesitate to follow or reach out on my social medias linked below!

My Story

My journey into the field of meteorology was something that I never expected. Throughout my childhood, I had always loved creating stories and was fascinated with video production. When I started high school, I joined my school news program and began creating video projects and short films while also operating the live morning news broadcast on the back end. When a slot for a weather anchor opened, I auditioned, received the position, and ultimately fell in love with weather. My experience as an anchor in high school led me to pursue a degree in meteorology. 


I entered UGA in the fall of 2022 and will be graduating in the spring of 2024 with a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences. Throughout my time thus far at UGA, I have enjoyed both my role on-camera and behind the scenes. I have had the unique opportunity to create video forecasts for, as well as perform daily forecasting for the Redcoats Marching Band and the UGA Baseball Team. 


I am currently pursuing an independent study in Python and enjoying applying my meteorological skills in other areas. Outside of school, I love being involved on campus through my sorority and attending College Nights at Athens Church.


Check out my Twitter for some fun weather info, connect with me on LinkedIn, or check out some of my forecast videos on YouTube!

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