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My Story


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My Story

        Nice to meet you! My name is Ethan Leclerc and I am a second-year double major in Geography and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Georgia. I became infatuated with our planet while I was in my junior year of high school. I started recording daily weather in my “weather journal” and a friend jokingly told me I should just get a job in weather. That was when the light bulb lit up and I decided that I had passion for weather and climate. I’m interested in winter weather storms and I love documenting the changing colors of the trees throughout the seasons. I’m not sure where I want to be after graduation, but I am very open to any potential career opportunities in the Atmospheric Sciences/Geography field, especially internships! One day, I hope to either work for the government or a private company.


Follow me on twitter to communicate with me. I also have my YouTube reel linked so feel free to check that out as well!

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