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Hello, everyone!

I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience through accurate and dependable forecasts for North Georgia!

This page shows a little about me and my interests, as well as my career path as a meteorologist.

My Story

I have known from a young age (around 4) that I wanted to study our atmosphere and its phenomena. From the wild Atlantic hurricane season back in 2005 to the forgotten tornado outbreak of January 23, 2017, I have had many experiences with just how much weather can effect people and just how dynamic it is. 

I was born in Albany, Georgia and raised in Sylvester, Georgia. I started my collegiate career at Abraham Baldwin Agricultral College in 2017 studying Aeronautical Engineering. After 2 years, I decided to change to Atmospheric Sciences to pursue my lifelong goal of being a meteorologist. In 2020 I started my first semester at the University of Georgia. 2 years later, I graduated with my Bachelor's in Atmospheric Sciences and Geography. I am an unofficial "Double Dawg" and am now working on my master's in Geography with Dr. John Knox at the University of Georgia studying extreme rainfall. 

You won't find me on T.V or in front of a camera, but I will be hard at work behind the scenes developing improvements to our forecasting as well as ensuring the most up-to-date forecasts are never far from those who depend on us. 


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