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Hello, everyone!

Thanks for checking out my page! It is a privilege to provide North Georgia with the most accurate and dependable forecasts.  Learn a little bit more about me below and don't hesitate to follow or reach out on my social medias linked below!

My Story

I have been interested in weather since I was about 6 or 7 years old. My fascination began when pop-up thunderstorms would occur during the summer. At this age, I was afraid of the loud thunder. This fear of mine drove me to start asking questions about how and why this was happening.

Fast forward a few years to January 2011. In my hometown of Flowery Branch, GA, there was a very significant snowstorm with around 7 inches of snow at my house. This remained on the ground for the entire school week, and I was exceedingly interested/ excited about it. This drove me to do (informal) research about it and try to learn more. A few months later in April 2011, on April 27, a very significant tornado outbreak occurred. After this day, there was lots of content uploaded to the internet with videos of the storms, and the aftermath. Because of this day, I became very fascinated by severe weather even though I was personally unaffected. This also led me to become interested in tropical systems.

By the time I was graduating high school in 2019, I was undecided about what degree to pursue, and I chose to pursue a degree in Business Administration from Piedmont University while running Cross Country and distance Track. My second semester there, I realized that I definitely wanted to pursue meteorology as I have always loved it. In the Fall of 2021, I had finished my degree and transferred to UGA seeking a degree in Atmospheric Science starting the following Spring, and the rest is history. While I am not looking to go into broadcast meteorology, I look forward into working 'behind the scenes' to provide a forecast more accurate than any mobile phone app could hope to do.

Outside of school, you will most likely find me hanging out with my dog, going for a run, or playing video games.


While I am not very active on social media, my twitter is linked. Do not hesitate to reach out to me there or by email.

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