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Hello, everyone!

Thanks for checking out my page! It is a privilege to provide North Georgia with the most accurate and dependable forecasts.  Learn a little bit more about me below and don't hesitate to follow or reach out on my social medias linked below!

My Story

Weather has always been a fascinating phenomena for me.  Growing up in Georgia, the common afternoon thunderstorms that would sporadically pop up always intrigued me.  From a young age I would sit outside as one would form and my mother would run out from inside to get me.  This passion is what led me to the University of Georgia.  


I began my college career in 2019 first attending Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia and then transferred to the University of Georgia in the spring of 2021.  I am pursuing a BS in Atmospheric Sciences as well as a BS in Geography and graduating in May 2023.  Through my time here at the university I have made some great connections within the Meteorology Field.  Over the summer of 2022, I interned at the number one news station in the nation, WSB-TV, with Chief Emeritus Glenn Burns and now Chief Meteorologist Brad Nitz.  After that summer, that’s exactly when I knew I wanted to go into broadcasting.  More recently, I have been filling in with WATE in Knoxville, Tennessee as their weekend morning meteorologist. 


When I’m not forecasting for the Redcoat Marching Band or one of the UGA Sports teams, you can find me eating at one of the great restaurants in downtown Athens, Georgia, working out in the gym, or binge watching the next big show on Netflix. 


Check out my Twitter for some fun weather info, connect with me on LinkedIn, or check out some of my forecast videos on YouTube!

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