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Active Weather Pattern Continues...

Good evening, North Georgia! Today started with a literal bang. Most people woke up to the sound of lightning and thunder as it charged through our region. Winds howled as we approached the crack of dawn. This is thanks to the low-pressure system to our North. The multitude of rainbands inevitably paved the way for flood watches and eventual flood warnings.

Most areas throughout North Georgia accumulated a surplus of rainfall. The highest accumulations were within the northeastern areas. Athens accumulated somewhere between 4 and 6 inches.

Models agree that cooler, drier air is on the way tomorrow with a touch of clouds and a lot of sun. Gusty winds will continue later this evening and into the early hours tomorrow.

If you are counting on a consistent forecast for the rest of this week, the odds will not be in your favor. The same setup that happened today unfortunately is on the queue for Friday. Models will become clearer within the next 48 hours. Stay tuned for updates on the exact timing and details.

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