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  • Adam Smith

Here We Go Again

Today was certainly a wet one for our viewers in Athens and North Georgia as a stalled front meandered in the area Sunday night and into Monday afternoon. Much like the last few weekends, a low-pressure system has washed out most of the weekend. However, another clear week is expected following this weekend's wetness.

The low-pressure system to which the front is attached is expected to finally sweep through Monday evening to sweep the precipitation out of the area. Although there is a slight chance of showers, including a rumble of thunder or two, as the front actually passes through the area, little impact is expected other than one last round of rainfall. Behind the front, winds will pick up rather nicely, with the clouds clearing out overnight. On a more national note, as this low-pressure system continues to strengthen -- bringing us those brisk winds overnight and into Tuesday morning -- it will bring a considerable threat to the I-95 corridor. Current forecasts call for 5-8 inches in the area, with the primary threat expected to unfold over the NYC metro. Snow of that sort, which NYC has largely avoided for the last couple of winters, is sure to make headlines for disrupting the US's most populated metropolis.

Back closer to home, we expect Athens to experience stiffer W/NW winds overnight to usher in much cooler temperatures, likely into the low 40s. Winds will once again be rather strong, with sustained winds between 20-30 mph and isolated gusts up to 45 mph. The winds will begin to calm, although not abate, during the day tomorrow. In tandem, clear skies will begin to emerge, and temps will likely warm into the mid-50s to make for a brisk mid-winter day.

For our viewers in North Georgia, we expect much of the same. Following the cold front's passage, temps will dip into the low 40s and upper 30s, with a stiff W/NW wind overnight. Temperatures will rise into the low or mid-50s throughout the area as skies finally clear and the winds slowly die down throughout the day.

Overall, it seems we are finally on the weather uptick after another soaker. Watch out for isolated showers/thundershowers tonight as the front passes through, and be sure to secure any loose items that might tend to fly in the case of a strong overnight gust! Beyond that, it should be another great weather week! Stay safe, and Go Dawgs!!!

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