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Summer's Encore

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

For our viewers in North Georgia and Athens, we experienced a Bulldogs win along with abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures that ranged in the low to mid 80's during the day and mid to low 60's at night. But that's all changing as a robust high pressure system tightens its grip on the area for the next couple of days before a cold front moves in. That should entail sunny skies but a return to summer-like temperatures along with the humidity.

As we head into the overnight hours in Athens, we expect to see the cloudy conditions clear out throughout the night, bringing clear skies and light winds, with the low dipping into the high 60's. For tomorrow, clear conditions along with the return of hot temperatures will be present, with the high reaching the lower 90's.

For North Georgia, the story is slightly different than what Athens. As we go into the overnight hours, clear conditions will be present throughout the night, with the low dipping into the mid 60's. For tomorrow, increasing cloud cover will happen during the day, keeping the high into the high 80's.

As the week progresses on, the high pressure system will move out of the area by Thursday afternoon as a cold front will move into the area, bringing with it the chance for some pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon and into the evening. Have a great day!

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