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  • Adam Smith

Warm and Wet!

For our viewers in Athens and North Georgia, we experienced overcast skies, spells of mist and fog, and slowly warming temperatures today. The "wedge" has kept us a bit cooler today, but as this nose of cool air retreats, we will see more rain and much warmer temperatures as we head into tonight and tomorrow.

As we head into this evening, temperatures are expected to remain in the mid-50s, with the low only reaching around 55 degrees. Overcast skies will remain, and rain is expected to build in during the early morning hours. This rain might occur right around the morning commute in Athens, so be sure to pack your umbrella and drive safely! After this initial wave of rain passes, temperatures are expected to surge into the upper 60s, possibly reaching 70, before the next round of considerable rain reaches the area later in the afternoon or evening. A few rumbles of thunder are possible overnight and throughout the day Thursday; however, severe weather is not expected.

North Georgia can expect similar conditions going into the overnight hours, with lows only reaching the mid-50s throughout the region. Precipitation will likely reach most areas of North Georgia earlier in the morning, although some rain might still be around for the morning commute. Highs throughout North Georgia will likely reach into the mid-to-upper 60s, with more waves of rain possible as the day progresses. Some rumbles of thunder are possible throughout the area both overnight and during the day; however, once again, it does not appear severe weather poses any threat.

Looking ahead, it seems we are in for more of the same weather as we head into Friday and Saturday. Highs in the upper 60s will be common throughout the area, with additional rounds of moderate to heavy rain likely on both days. Thunderstorms remain possible on Friday, though they appear to pose no severe threat. Saturday's thunderstorms might be a bit more robust, but at this juncture, it does not appear any widespread severe weather is likely. Regardless, repeated rounds of heavy rain will certainly pile up throughout the area, so be sure to watch out for any flood-related warnings. Stay dry and Go Dawgs!!!

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