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Hi I'm Seth

Thanks for checking out my page! It is a pleasure of mine to provide the area of North Georgia with quality forecast and user friendy information.  Meterorology has always been a passion of mine. Here at Weatherdawgs we love to talk about weather. We hope you enjoy our site!

My Story

I have always been fascinated by weather. From chasing storms to anticipating the next system to move into our area. Growing up I used to run around the house enthused by the first sight of a snowflake. Running out in front of a severe storm to feel the full force of mother nature. The love of meteorology drove me to the University of Georgia.

I began this Journey at the University of North Georgia. After two years there, I transferred to the University of Georgia where my passion for meteorology has flourished. I am pursuing a bachelor in Atmospheric Science and Geography with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My knowledge has grown though the classes I have had along with the opportunities to work for employers within these fields. During the spring semester of 2022, I had the opportunity to work with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City. I completed a research project about winter weather verification of NWS forecasts to see how well the NWS were forecasting winter weather. Another passion of mine is GIS, I hope to combine meteorology and GIS in future positions. Over the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to work for Sawnee EMC as a GIS analysis providing me with insight into the workplace GIS world.

Feel free to reach out to me regarding any weather questions. Here at the weather dawgs, we pride ourselves in giving quality information to our viewers.


Feel free to email me. Check out my resume too!

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