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Hello, everyone!

Thanks for checking out my page! It is a privilege to provide North Georgia with the most accurate and dependable forecasts.  Learn a little bit more about me below and don't hesitate to follow or reach out on my social medias linked below!

My Story

As a young child I was always intrigued by the weather. I can vividly recall memories from my early childhood of being terrified by extreme weather, a phenomena that is not uncommon in Georgia. As I got older, my fear of weather morphed into fascination, sparking my interest in the field of meteorology. I used to watch The Weather Channel everyday and even pretend I was the meteorologist on TV. I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist before I could even say the word “meteorologist”. In high school, I had convinced myself that becoming a teacher was where my true passion rested, but I still daydreamed about pursuing a career in meteorology. 

After graduating from high school, I attended a community college where I began taking general classes. This is where I realized that becoming a teacher was not for me, and I decided to follow through with my childhood dreams of pursuing a career in meteorology. After my first two years of community college, I transferred into the University of Georgia.


Today, I am a senior at the University of Georgia working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2024. My interests are in aviation meteorology, private sector, and weather forecasting and analysis. I am currently seeking for a successful career.


Check out my Twitter for some fun weather info, connect with me on LinkedIn, or check out some of my forecast videos on YouTube!

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