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Cold Front Coming Through

We may start cool down a bit as we head deeper into the week. While there won't be an astounding drop in temperatures, anything is better than the brutal 90s we've been so used to.

Short term we're dealing with upper 80s with an increased chance of afternoon thunderstorms both tonight and tomorrow evening. The threat for severe weather is low, but just be cautious if you plan on being outside or on the road as pop-up showers can happen quickly.

A cold front is forecasted to cut through the Athens area early Wednesday morning. While the front is relatively weak, we may see a pretty decent shift in temperatures as the week progresses. Expect low to mid 80s with gusty conditions as the front makes its way through. There's also a chance that the front could stall for a few days depending on where it meets Hurricane Lee. This stationary front could produce some storms along its boundary.

For the most part, conditions look to be pretty calm for the next couple of days. We don't expect any real severe threat, but stay tuned for an updated forecast and a glimpse of what's happening later on this week.

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