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Friday Severe Threat

Strong storms are expected to our west in the ArkLaTex region today with a bullseye right over Shreveport.

A strong low swirling over Texas is bring ample moisture and instability throughout the Southeast and will eventually move to our area by Friday. A level 4 out of 5 (outlined in red) is the main area for seeing strong storms through the day today. We are experiencing showers right now and that is expected as we go through the day but not expecting anything severe for our Thursday.

As we head into Friday, this is where things begin to change. The threat greatly reduces tomorrow but we are still expecting to see some strong to severe storms through the later morning hours and into the afternoon. All of north and central Georgia is in a level 2 out of 5 threat for severe storms including strong gusty winds in excess of 60 mph, heavy downpours, and a low tornado chance. The strong line of thunderstorms that will be impacting the west Thursday will begin to weaken and lose its' punch as it moves closer to Georgia. However, within that line, there is still enough instability that we could see a few sever storms tomorrow.

Again, we are not expecting severe weather for today (Thursday). Friday, we have a moderate threat for severe thunderstorms along with a high wind threat. We also have a low threat of a brief tornado as these storms move through during the day when there is the most instability.

Timing has slowed down over the past few days. Which is good but also poses other issues. One, it's not moving through during the afternoon rush and won't be impacting our area into the overnight hours. However, it will be moving through during the daytime heating which causes the most instability. Through the morning and into the early parts of the evening we are expecting the bulk of this to move through.

Grab that umbrella and make sure you have notifications turned on to get any severe weather alerts. Follow our twitter to keep you ahead of the storm and up to date with any watches and warnings. (@wxdawgs)

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