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Idalia’s Imminent Arrival

Hurricane Idalia is projected to make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane early tomorrow morning. It will strike the Florida Big Bend and bring significantly strong winds and 10-15 foot storm surge along the Florida panhandle. The trajectory of Idalia, as of now, is projected to hit Florida, specifically the panhandle, southeast and central Georgia, South Carolina, and eastern North Carolina. Areas in Hurricane Idalia’s direct path can expect rainfall totals ranging from 4 to 8 inches. Surrounding areas can expect rainfall totals up to 2 inches.

As current forecasts suggest, Athens-Clarke county is not within the direct path of Idalia. However, this can change as the night goes on. Despite that, we currently expect Athens to see rain around Wednesday afternoon. It is predicted that there will be rainfall totals up to 1 inch and moderate winds with gusts around 30-40 mph. However, these estimates can change as the system may shift more towards the east or west as the day continues, which could bring us more or less rain. Because of this, there is a risk for flash flooding and river flooding. Please stay weather aware and have multiple ways to receive these alerts.

By Thursday morning, Idalia is projected to move out of southeastern Georgia and will make its way towards the Carolinas but again, the path is subject to change.

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