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  • Jada Lamar

Kicking Off Labor Day Weekend with Comfortable Conditions

Going into our long weekend and the first weekend of college football, North Georgia and Athens should expect some cooler temperatures in the mid-80s during the day. This cooling trend will follow through the night with evening temperatures dropping down into the mid-60s.

North Georgia can expect to see clouds moving through the area as the weekend progresses. Mostly cloudy sky conditions will cool down the area during the day and lock in those mid-60 temperatures through the night. For Athens, we expect to see similar conditions as we move into the first football game of the season. With partly cloudy skies and light southeastern winds blowing through the evening, game day at the stadium will be quite a comfortable experience.

Go out and enjoy these beautiful conditions while they last as temperatures will gradually begin to climb up entering the new week. Have a good long weekend. Go Dawgs!

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