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  • Adam Smith

March Madness

Good morning Athens! I sincerely apologize for the delay in posting the forecast for today and this weekend, but here we go! If you are a fan of college basketball (as I am), you probably spent some of your time yesterday indulging in the Round of 64 festivities. However, there is another reason that people might be experiencing some actual March madness: yet another consecutive week in which the weekend will be plagued by rain. Also on track with previous weeks, you certainly could not tell today, with highs in the mid 70s and only a few traces of clouds in the sky. Yet, per usual, this beautiful day is just the precursor to another spell of weekend wetness. In Athens, the 70s of yesterday will drop into a low in the mid-50s this morning, with temps only rising into the upper 50s under an extensive rain shield expected to move in between 12-2 PM. To make matters worse, a wedge is likley to set up the area, which might further tamper the rise in temperatures, and will certainly make for a more blustery feel due to some breezy NE and ENE winds to complement the rain-induced misery. In North Georgia, there will be a similar story, with lows in the mid-50s this morning and highs only crawling back into the upper 50s (and possibly 60 in some locations) under widespread rain and wedge-induced winds (although possibly less prounounced than in Athens). Overall, today's weather might very well be sufficient reason to be mad at the seemingly endless streak of rainy weekends. With Saturday also likely to contain rain and Sunday turning a bit cooler, it will seem like every other weekend of this year. However, if the weather's got you down, maybe its time for you to move inside, relax, and maybe let the better March Madness take over. Stay safe, stay dry, and Go Dawgs!!!

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