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Rain moving in on Thursday night

We are staying mostly cloudy and relatively cool today with a high reaching into the mid-60s. Overnight, we are expecting our low to cool down to the lower 50s. Tomorrow will be returning those spring-like conditions as we are expecting temperatures to climb up into the lower 70s and stay cloudy with some breaks in the clouds for sunshine throughout the day.

The next chance for rain is approaching on Thursday night as a cold front passes through the area during the night. Temperatures will again be in the lower 50s. Things should clear back up by the time Friday afternoon rolls around. That cold front will leave us feeling like winter again as our Friday night temperatures dip to freezing in many parts of North Georgia. And the weekend will be continuing that cooler trend.

On Thursday expect to see rain enter North Georgia in the late evening. Northwest of Rome is where we could possibly see some severe thunderstorms, while the rest of North Georgia should expect to see some isolated thunderstorms. We expect it to rain most of the night into Friday morning. By Friday afternoon the system will have already moved through the area and the temperature will be dropping as

the day progresses. Into Saturday and Sunday, it will be sunny and we will have much cooler temperatures.

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