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  • Shania Green

Slightly Cooler Temps Ahead

We currently have a stationary front across Central and South Georgia that is accompanied by some light showers. It is expected to push out of the state around early Thursday morning.

Although most of the rainfall is anticipated for areas near the front, there are still slight chances of rainfall this evening for Athens and North Georgia. Athens has a 20% chance of showers while North Georgia's chances are slightly lower at 10%. We can also expect temperatures to drop tonight, with Athens experiencing lows in the high 60s and North Georgia being slightly cooler with temperatures in the lower 60s.

Tomorrow, we can expect northeast winds and a mostly cloudy sky across Athens and North Georgia for much of the afternoon. There is a possibility for rainfall, with Athens having a 30% chance of showers and North Georgia having a 20% chance. Athens can expect to see daytime temperatures in the low 80s while North Georgia will continue to be slightly cooler in the high 70s.

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