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  • Adam Smith

Some Early Week Storminess

Good evening, Athens and North Georgia! This weekend was nice across the area, with warm temperatures and generally partly coudy skies. The warmth is expected to continue this week (and into the foreseeable future), although with a bit more interesting weather as we go into tomorrow.

In Athens, the warmer and partly cloudy weather today will give way to mild lows near 60. Clouds will also begin to build overnight and persist into tomorrow. With the clouds, the highs should be slightly lower than today (albeit more humid), with highs expected to rise to the upper 70s. This time around, those clouds will bring a bit more interesting weather, but we'll cover that in just a moment.

In the North Georgia/Canton area, it appears the story might be a bit different. Here, lows might be a nudge higher than in Athens due to higher levels of cloud cover and slightly higher moisture content, especially in the pre-dawn hour, with lows likely just above 60. Given the earlier onset of precipitation with westward extent, highs will stay in the mid-70s region-wide.

Regarding the more interesting side of this event, it appears that this round of precip could certainly have some embedded thunderstorms. Although widespread severe weather is not expected, a few strong storms are not out of the question. This will be especially true for NW GA during the morning hours, and later in areas further east (potentially including Athens) with some possible re-development of storms in the evening hours due to daytime heating. At this juncture, the likelihood of the aforementioned stronger storms is not very high; however, heavy rain, frequent lightning, gusty winds, and small hail are all possible with any stronger cells that can develop with the morning push of precip (across NW GA) and then in the evening (in and around Athens).

Overall, tomorrow should be a bit more interesting than the generally calm weather we've been experiencing. Be sure to grab your umbrella and remain weather aware in the case a storm or two is strong or severe. Be sure to stay safe, and as always, Go Dawgs!!!

Also of note, the thoughts and prayers of our team are with the victims of the severe weather outbreak over the Plains this weekend. If you have the ability, definitely be sure to see if there are any ways you can help the recovery efforts for the heavily stricken communities in those areas.

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