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  • Georgia Hernandez

Staying Warm!

Good evening Athens and North Georgia! The past few days have been wonderful as our temperatures are now warmed up. Looking outside right now, there are some clouds covering our skies, but they should clear out again tomorrow like the clear skies we have had for the majority of the past few days!

Looking at Athens the low tonight is expected to reach 51ºF. Not cold, but definitely a little chilly so keep that in mind when planning your evening! Moving to tomorrow, the high for Athens will be warm sitting at 79ºF. For our North Georgia viewers, the low for tonight is 49ºF and the high for tomorrow is expected to be 77ºF. Just a bit cooler than Athens, but you should expect the same clear conditions!

All of this nice weather is the result of a high pressure system that has been over our area for the past few days. This system is supposed to remain affecting us for the next few days, and will cause our temperatures to keep rising. A small amount of clouds are expected towards the weekend, but no rain in sight.

Thank you so much for tuning in with the WeatherDawgs, and enjoy the sun and warm temperatures!

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