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Spring has sprung? Warm temperatures for the next few days

If you enjoyed today's warm temperatures, you will be excited to hear that we have warm temperatures coming for the next few days. Unlike the Northeast US, which saw record-breaking cold temperatures this weekend, we will be unseasonably warm. The low-pressure system that caused the cold temperatures in the north, is now bringing us high pressure. This is pushing out any traces of winter for the time being.

Tomorrow will be very similar to today with high temperatures in the mid-60s across North Georgia. Wednesday will trick you into thinking it's spring with temperatures in the upper-60s to the lower-70s. The latter half of the week, we see a return chance of precipitation around Thursday as a low-pressure system makes its way east.

Have any Valentine's Weekends plans? You most likely won't need your umbrella, so plan that outdoor picnic, but don't forget a blanket. The low temperatures will be right around freezing, but warming up to the lower 60s.

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