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  • Jada Lamar

The Rain is-a-Comin!

Right now we continue to chill in a high pressure system, however, we can expect our dry conditions to take a shift as we move into the weekend and a cold front makes its way into Georgia. Introducing this front, we will start seeing (and feeling) air moisture seep into the area which will increase humidity, overnight cloud cover, and temperatures.

For our viewers in Athens, we are expecting a significant increase in evening temperatures with a forecasted low of 41 degrees. We are expecting the high tomorrow to follow similar warming trend with a forecasted high temperature of 63 degrees. In North Georgia, we see a similar story unfolding with an expected low of 42 degrees tonight and high of 63 degrees tomorrow.

As we enter in the weekend, keep watch and be prepared for heavy rain showers and potential flood concerns in Athens and North Georgia areas.

Thank you for tuning in with us. Keep ahead of the storm with the Weather Dawgs!

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