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Warm Weekend, Slight Cooldown After

For our viewers in North Georgia and Athens, we have been basking in the summer heat with the occasional scattered thunderstorm popping up throughout the day. For Athens, this trend is expected to continue into overnight with partly cloudy conditions covering the skies with a small chance of rain and the low temperature dipping down to the low 70s. Tomorrow, partly cloudy conditions with a chance of a scattered shower continue with the high expected to go into the low 90s.

For North Georgia, similar conditions are expected with partly cloudy conditions and the slight chance of rain. Going into overnight, temperatures are expected to go down into the upper 60s. Tomorrow, the high temperature is expected to reach the upper 80s.

At the end of the weekend overnight going into Monday, a cold front is expected to dip into North Georgia and Athens, bringing rain and cooler temperatures for the forthcoming days.

For the North Georgia and Athens areas, these conditions will slightly keep our temperatures from peaking as high as last week's temperatures by staying in the mid to upper 80s.

The summer heat and humidity will continue into next week, so stay hydrated, wear sunscreen if you are going outside, and stay under shaded areas to keep cool!

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