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A stormy Monday ahead

A line of thunderstorms will be impacting extreme northwest Georgia by 5am Monday morning, which will move southeastward. Some of these storms will be severe, bringing severe wind gusts along with a smaller chance for small hail and an isolated tornado as they make their way across north Georgia. Storms should be leaving north Georgia by sunset.

With parts of north Georgia hitting into the 90s today, the rest of us will be approaching the high 80s by the end of the day. Partly cloudy skies will linger as southerly advection of moisture increases our dewpoints as the day goes on topping out in the low 70s for most of north Georgia by noon tomorrow. Because of this increased moisture, the atmosphere will become more unstable and will have more juice for thunderstorms to tap into, likely causing some severe thunderstorms to affect the region in the early morning hours. All severe modes are possible, such as severe wind gusts (58mph or greater), flash flooding due to heavy downpours, hail and isolated tornadoes. Possible pop up thunderstorms in the evening hours today will be possible in northeast Georgia according to model guidance, which will make their way into South Carolina, some of which could be severe.

As of today, the Storm Prediction Center has extreme northwest Georgia under an enhanced risk of severe weather until 8am Monday morning. Going into Monday, the SPC has North Georgia under a slight risk of severe weather. As of now, the enhanced risk in North Georgia is wind driven, meaning the primary severe weather mode will be wind gusts of 58 mph or more. Unfortunately, isolated tornadoes, especially on the edges of pronounced bow echoes cannot be ruled out, as there is ample shear and moisture which are key ingredients for Supercells, the storms that produce tornadoes.

As we go into our morning hours tomorrow, storms will be moving east across our region. These storms will be moving into primed environments unfortunately, and with model guidance, we will see new storms firing off throughout the Atlanta metro area as some of the older cells start to die out. There is no question these storms will produce heavy downfalls, gusty winds, and small hail as they make their way from north to southeast Georgia. Fortunately the tornado threat seems to be miniscule as the storms are forecasted to take a more linear shape (a squall line), but it is important to be weather aware even if the tornado probabilities are low. Strong straight line winds are just as dangerous and can cause tornado like damage if severe.

As we go through the day tomorrow, the severe threats seem to diminish a little, but be aware of discrete cells that develop during peak daytime heating hours (4-7pm) around the metro Atlanta area. This could cause a second round of thunderstorms for much of north Georgia, some of which could be intense, which will then make their way southeast out of our region.

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