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  • Adam Smith

Are We in the Simulation?

It appears that the Athens/North Georgia area might be stuck in a simulation to test our resolve against wet weekends transitioning to hints of cool temperatures, followed by a warm up and rain later in the week (more to follow on this). On par with simulation expectations, this weekend featured another round of rain and yet another frontal passage that made for much cooler temperatures overnight and into today. On par with recent weeks, this Monday was also rather clear, with only marginal winds making the cooler temperatures feel just a bit cooler. Going into tonight, temperatures will fall back into the 30s, albeit a couple of degrees higher than last night. Tomorrow will feature a continuing rise in temperatures as the mercury continues to rise under high pressure and generally clear skies. Temps will likely rise into the upper 60's in the Athens area under clear and calm conditions.

The story will be similar throughout North Georgia, with temperatures falling into the mid 30s rising into the mid or upper 60's area-wide. Clear and calm conditions will likely persist throughout the region as well, although some passing clouds cannot be ruled out later in the day.

Going forward, it will likely be another week of eerily similar weather. Temperatures will continue to rise thorughout the week, with no precip and only marginal cloudiness. Thursday will likeliest be the warmest day, with the possibility of some portions of North Georgia getting within a few degrees of the 80 degree mark. In following recent trends, rain will also return late in the week, with the possibility of impactful rainfall Friday-Sunday. Early indicators also point to a possibility for some thunderstorms on Friday, although details certainly remain murky in this regard. Regardless, the weekend will be yet another washout by most measures, followed by another cool down into early next week. Can we survive another round of the simulation? On a more serious note, thank you for viewing! Stay safe, and as always, Go Dawgs!!!

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