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Daily Forecast Blog

Updated: Feb 2

A great break from the clouds today as we have seen plentiful sunshine across North Georgia. Enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts though as rain will be moving in tomorrow night and throughout the day. The Weather Prediction Center has issued a "slight" (level 2 out of 5) risk for excessive rainfall tomorrow with heavy rainfall rates being anticipated.

Temperatures this afternoon are currently hovering in the mid-60s across the Eastern portion of the region, with that declining into the 50s and 40s as you move toward the Northwestern parts of the state. Clouds are expected to build throughout North Georgia tonight as rain chances will increase as the night progresses - the chances and amounts being maximized in the Dalton region before sunrise with a greater coverage of precipitation being expected across the entire Northern part of the state throughout tomorrow.

Have your umbrellas handy for tomorrow and expect a slow commute - particularly during the evening rush hour. Rain amounts are anticipated to be in the 1-2" range, with locally higher amounts being possible. Expect rivers to become more saturated which could reach flood criteria in localized areas. Remember, turn around, don't drown!

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