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Hello Fall

Hope you are enjoying the cooler temperatures this week because they will continue to persist through the weekend as we head into the Fall Equinox. For our viewers in North Georgia and Athens, we expect daytime temperatures to remain in the low 80s with nighttime lows dropping into the mid 50s.

Looking into Athens, tonight's forecasted low is expected to remain in the upper 50s and temperatures will rise into the lower 80s by the afternoon, with mostly clear and sunny conditions. There will be a few passing clouds that are not expected to bring precipitation.

For North Georgia, we expect similar conditions to Athens, with high temperatures remaining in the low 80s and nighttime lows dropping into the 60s. There will be a slightly higher increase of cloud cover that will help maintain the mild temperatures.

For our Georgia night game this weekend, we can expect comfortable temperatures in the 60s with minimal cloud cover with slight winds from the northwest. The high for Saturday will reach the mid 80s with low chances of precipitation. Have a great weekend and GO DAWGS!! BEAT THE BLAZERS!

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