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  • Justin Williams

Hottest day of the year so far

Clear skies and low humidity allowed most of north Georgia to soar well into the upper 90s with some hitting 100 today. Athens and Atlanta hit 100 degrees, in which Atlanta ties the record set back in 1914. Fortunately, high temperatures will be decreasing slightly as we go through the end of the week, with highs in the low 90s. But, this time, higher humidity is expected across most of North Georgia with dewpoints in the 70s from Thursday to Sunday, making it very muggy and uncomfortable.

Tonight, our region could see some spotty showers and isolated thunderstorms as a weakening line of thunderstorms start making their way eastward. No severe weather is expected at this time. Spotty showers could begin tonight before evening, lasting throughout the night, but overall low rainfall chances. Starting Thursday morning, remnants of the line will give most of North Georgia some rainfall along with an occasional isolated thunderstorm as you go through out the day. As we go into Thursday afternoon, a second round of storms is expected to pop up over North Georgia, some of which could be short lived thunderstorms with heavy downpours. Overall rainfall totals are spotty, as this system is scattered in nature. Most of North Georgia could see a quarter to 3 quarters of an inch by the end of the day Thursday, with some isolated areas above 1 inch in rainfall. No severe weather is expected, other than an isolated heavy downpour across our region.

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