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More Gloom for January?

December has been near average for the amount of rainfall that usually occurs. According the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Peachtree City, the average rainfall total for the month of December is 4.43 inches of rain. December of 2022, we have recorded 4.65 inches in the Classic City.

Each week the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues various outlooks regarding temperature, precipitation, along with outlooks for the tropics, and US drought monitoring. Issued on December 15th, the CPC issued their outlook for the month of January.

Much of the Eastern United States is expected to see above average temperatures for the month of January. Much of the Plains and Western states are expected to have equal chanced of above or below average temperatures with the exception of the Upper Plains (below average) and California (above average). Precipitation is also included on the monthly outlook with the northern tier of the United States expected to experience above average rainfall amounts and the souther tier to experience below average rainfall.

For the month of January, the average temperature is in mid 40s with precipitation totals averaging about 4.36 inches of rain in Athens, Georgia. From the CPC, we are expected to be slightly warmer than the mid 40s equal chances of below or above average rainfall amounts here in Georgia. Stayed tuned to the University of Georgia WeatherDawgs for continuous weather updates for your day ahead.

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