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  • Adam Smith

Nighttime Soaker

Good afternoon, Athens and North Georgia! Today was a relatively cloudy one across the area, although the sun poked through just enough (in conjuction with some SE winds) to bring temperatures into the mid 70s in Athens and near 70 for the majority of the region (despite some 60s in the North Georgia due to a stubborn wedging feature). We've also been generally rain-free throughout the day; however, this is bound to quickly change going into this evening.

Speaking of that precip, a large rain shield is approaching the area from the west at time of writing. The onset of precipitation is expected to take place this evening, with steady rain likely reaching the area between 8-10 PM. That rain will stick around throughout the night, with a potential for some more interesting weather mixed in (more on that in just a moment). Temperature-wise, the widespread precip will keep temperatures mired in the mid-60s in the Athens area. High temperatures will also be slow to rise with lingering cloudiness and possible light precip, with temperatures likely slowly rising into the low and mid-70s.

North Georgia will experience a similar soaking overnight, with rain likely arriving between 7-9 PM. Temperatures here will also stay mired in the low-60s with the widespread rain, with highs also struggling to rise area-wide here as well (although some locations could barely reach into the low-70s).

Finally, returning to the spicy weather comment, it appears that the rain expected overnight will likely include some embedded thunderstorms and gusty winds, along with some lightning and thunder. This will likely be especially true in the pre-dawn hours, especially if any instability can supplement the high-shear environment. The primary severe weather threats will likely be displaced to the south of the Athens area; however, some stronger wind gusts are certainly possible.

Overall, tonight looks to be rather interesting, though primarly from a heavy rainfall standpoint. Although widespread flash flooding is not expected, rain totals between 0.5-2 inches (with local amounts possibly higher) are likely region-wide. Be on the watch for a few embedded thunderstorms around in the pre-dawn hours, and ensure that you have your umbrella if you're leaving the house prior to 9-10 AM. As always, stay safe and Go Dawgs!!!

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