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Rain or Shine. What we forecast!

The unseasonably warm temperatures have been nice with the sun shining bright. Tomorrow will be similar to today with temperatures hovering around 43 as we wake up tomorrow morning. As the day progresses, we will top out around 69 degrees. The clouds will continue to build as the day goes into the afternoon and evening. These warmer temperatures are due to the high-pressure system that is dominating our weather currently.

Don't get your hopes up though, the rain will be returning on Thursday as a low-pressure system will be swings through keeping us soggy until Friday when we could catch a break in the action. With these rounds of rainfall expected from Thursday through Friday, rainfall totals could reach .75 inches By Saturday, the front finally pushes eastward, bringing an end to more widespread substantial rainfall.

Behind this cold front we expect cooler temperatures for the weekend. Looking ahead towards valentine’s weekend. If you are headed out on a picnic, you may want to grab a jacket. We are looking at Saturday to be a tricky forecast with the models slowly trending towards a closed off low coming through our areas, which could bring some interesting weather along with it. Possible bringing some flurries across north Georgia, but we are not certain yet. Rest assured the Weatherdawgs will keep you up to date within the coming days as the forecast changes.

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