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The Worst is Over

After a weekend of extremely active weather, it looks like the end is finally in sight. A severe storm made its way to Georgia this past Sunday, bringing thunderstorms, strong winds, and multiple reports of tornadoes. The National Weather Service had issued several watches across southern Alabama and central Georgia Sunday morning.

We know these storms were a continuation of the devastating tornado that struck Mississippi, claiming at least 26 lives. As the system travel East, flood watches were set in place due to increased chances of excessive rainfall. Fortunately, North Georgia and the Athens area weren't nearly as impacted as some of the counties further south. The biggest threats were thunderstorms and fast flood watches, but both concerns have since been diminished.

As far as this week goes, there is a slight risk for rain tomorrow morning, but the possibility will dissipate as the day progresses. We will be seeing drier conditions, with temperatures reaching the mid 70s towards the end of this week. It's safe to say the worst is over for now.

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