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Wind Wind Go Away!

We began today with generally warm temperatures across North Georgia. Most portions got up to the mid to upper 60s. Some places got really close to the 70 degree mark but unfortunately couldn't due to the increased cloud cover moving in our area last night and on into the afternoon hours. A mediocre-cloud filled day to say the least.

The NWS has placed most portions of North Georgia under a wind advisory from midnight tonight and will remain until midnight tomorrow night. Winds will unfortunately be a major factor tomorrow! Hence, windy conditions will be expected tomorrow as our next system gets ready to move into our area. Some portions could gust as high as the 40 mph mark. Take the proper precautions as needed.

There will be around an 80% chance of rain tomorrow as some thunderstorms will be possible in the afternoon to nighttime hours, primarily after 3pm. No major accumulation will be expected. We will get down to the upper 50s tonight in most areas and warm back up into the low to mid-70s again tomorrow. Expect a similar day as today but just with more rain, clouds, and unfortunately lots of wind tomorrow!

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