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  • Adam Smith

An Eventful Start to April

Good afternoon, Athens and North Georgia. We hope that everyone had an awesome Easter weekend, one that was thankfully (unlike the preceding three months) seasonal and dry. Going into this week; however, it appears that we are in for some interesting weather. Nevertheless, today has been a nice day, with just above-average temperatures and a few breezes. The clouds will keep us rather warm overnight as well -- with lows in the mid-60s -- especially as winds shift to prevail from the SW overnight. The warming trend will only continue tomorrow, with highs rising to around 80 under mostly cloudy skies. These warm temperatures, along with increasing moisture in association with the SW winds, will set us up for some interesting weather tomorrow evening (more to follow on that towards the end of the post). Throughout North Georgia, conditions will be relatively similar, with warm temperatures prevailing overnight to keep the entire region in the low to mid-60s. The mercury will spike once again throughout North Georgia tomorrow as well, with highs in the upper 70s (with the potential to break 80 in some areas). Winds out of the SW will bring moisture into this area as well, making for a warm Spring day. Overnight, these Spring-like conditions could breed some stronger storms, as we will now briefly discuss.

Regarding the potential for strong to severe storms, a potent low-pressure system (and attendant cold front) will be approaching the area throughout the day Tuesday, with impacts likely beginning late Tuesday night with some passing showers breaching NW GA. From there, a line of showers and thunderstorms will enter the region from the west. The details remain somewhat uncertain regarding the intensity of this line; however, it is becoming increasingly likely that some of the storms contained within the squall line could be on the stronger side, with the possibility of frequent lightning, heavy rainfall, gusty winds, small hail, and possibly some brief tornadoes. However, it is important to note that this is an evolving situation, so pay attention to any forecast updates from your local news, the National Weather Service, and tomorrow's blog post. Overall, soak in the warm temps today, tomorrow, and overnight! Stay tuned for forecast updates regarding the severe weather potential, and remain weather aware of any possible threats overnight on Tuesday! Stay safe, and as always, Go Dawgs!

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