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Break from the rain for now, potential severe weather Thursday

Temperatures will stay comfortable throughout most of the week. Clouds and chance for severe weather will start to move in towards the end of the week on Thursday.

As the low pressure system that soaked much of Georgia moves past us, high pressure will take its place allowing for clear and sunny skies. As a result, the temperatures for tomorrow will be warm and comfortable just as it was today. Most of North Georgia will reach highs into the upper 60s, and will remain there until Friday after the cold front passes through, leaving a high on Friday in the mid-50s.


On Wednesday, North Georgia could see a sprinkle during the day as a weak cold front pushes though. You are more likely to see rain the further north and west you are. Lingering energy and moisture from the weak cold front causes the next cold front on Thursday to have a potential for severe weather. Rain starting around 2pm on Thursday for Northwest Georgia and all of North Georgia will be impacted by rain around 7pm later that day. Expect isolated thunderstorms as the system moves through. By Friday midday, the system will have moved out of our area completely. The weekend is looking nice. Dominated by high pressure, the rain chances will stay away.


By Wednesday afternoon, there is a chance for stray showers, but no significant amount of rain. The real issue is timing for potential severe weather coming Thursday. Due to uncertainty from the models, the timing could begin anywhere from 11 P.M. on Thursday to Friday morning. Preliminary model guidance suggests that rainfall amounts could total from .25 of an inch up to 1 inch. The rain should be clearing out by Friday mid-day.

Below is two of our long-range models and what they are expecting for precipitation totals between now and Friday morning. Note that the more northwest you are, the higher the precipitation total could be.

As we continue to monitor the potential severe weather, we will keep you updated.

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