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  • Dani DaSilva

Chilly Start to Spring

Good afternoon North Georgia viewers!

We have had quite a gusty and chilly start to our day, as we stay ahead of some slightly lower temperatures to expect this week. For our Dawgs our forecasted low tonight for Athens will be in the low 30s with a high of 60 degrees. Tomorrow we are looking at some clear sunny skies with those winds sticking around.

Our story will look very similar for North Georgia folks, we are forecasting tonight’s low of upper 20s and high 50s tomorrow. Expect that sun to come out with some clear skies, but you’ll want to keep a jacket with you for your morning commute.

There is a current freeze warning issued for Atlanta, and the the surrounding North Georgia areas by the National Weather Service. Expect temperatures to drop and some possible frost overnight so bring in those plants and flowers to keep them safe!

Thank you for staying tuned with the Weatherdawgs! Stay warm!!

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