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  • Justin Williams

Cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms

To our followers in North Georgia, we will continue to enjoy the "spring-like" temperatures and the high pollen counts as we go into the weekend. Following the clouds coming in late Friday, there will be a system bringing rain to most of north Georgia Friday night and going into Saturday morning. Expect the rain totals to increase the farther northwest you are, as the storm is expected to fizzle out as we go into Saturday morning.

This system will start to develop during the early day over Oklahoma and Texas, and will strengthen into an enhanced threat for severe thunderstorms, labelled by the SPC. The region of main concern will be most of Missouri and Arkansas, and the western parts of Mississippi, Tennessee and Illinois. With a threat of severe thunderstorms, there is a chance for tornados, especially in this region, so please be on the lookout Friday evening. As for Friday night and Saturday morning, the system, will move into the Great Lakes region and into the deep south. There will be a significantly less chance of severe thunderstorms overnight for these two regions. A weakened squall line will be the main threat for most of deep south stretching into Kentucky, which will start to dissipate over the Carolinas as it continues its westward trek. Some snow in the Great Lakes region is expected with this system.

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