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Updated: Jan 30

A wet start to the workweek with overcast skies with an on and off drizzle all day. Expect this to continue for a while longer.

A stationary front is draped across south Georgia with temperatures along the beach in the 80s and in the 50s for Athens and much of central and northern portions of Georgia. All of that warm air is going to stay down to the south as a cold front further to the north keeps the cold air around and more rain.

Overnight tonight, temperatures will stay fairly uniform as we fall back down to 51⁰.

As temperatures fall into the mid 50s dewpoints will also be falling to the same realm. With that said, overnight tonight the formation of fog is a concern for many areas becoming dense in some spots. Fog is expected to erode in the later morning hours of Tuesday. We also anticipate a stray light shower/drizzle overnight with a 20% chance of a steady shower.

Tuesday will be slightly warmer than Monday with a high of 61⁰ here in the Classic City. Across northern Georgia expect temperatures to be fairly uniform thanks to the blanket of clouds. Tuesday is going to be a lot like Monday with cloudy skies with only a 20% chance of a stray shower with a light drizzle and some fog throughout the day. Wednesday is expected to be similar.

Through the week the end of the week the unsettled pattern continues. Not expecting any severe weather but heavier and more widespread rain is expected late Wednesday, Thursday, and going into Friday morning. Models now are in a little disagreement in timing and placement of the system that is expected to be moving through at this time. In addition, rainfall totals are looking quite impressive with totals right now ranging between 1"-3". By the weekend it looks like we might be able to see some sunshine as rain chances diminish and clouds dissipate.

Stick with The WeatherDawgs to keep you ahead of the storm!

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