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  • Jada Lamar

High and on the Rise

If you have been enjoying the "return of the summer" this week, do not fret, these conditions are not flopping just yet. For our viewers in Athens and Northern Georgia, we have been experiencing clear conditions and warmer temperatures as a result of a high pressure system over the Southeast. Similar to today, partly cloudy conditions will return tonight and persist throughout the remainder of the week.

Here in Athens, temperatures will dip into the mid-50s before bouncing back into the upper 70s and potentially reaching 80 by tomorrow afternoon. Similar conditions will prevail throughout Northern Georgia with slightly warmer lows and cooler highs.

So unpack those short sleeves and shorts and enjoy those blue skies and warm temperatures while they last. May the big dawgs partake in the fine-dining experience that is the consumption of gators this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.

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