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New to our Website? Here's the rundown!

Hello everyone!

First we would like to thank you for checking out our website and supporting our new branding! If you have been supporting us for a while now - we are the same team, same university, and still bringing you all of the new breaking weather updates and coverage! If you're new here, welcome! We are The WeatherDawgs where we bring daily forecasts for all of north Georgia including severe weather coverage. We've brought a new look to the table and have swapped over which platforms we are on, so here is all that you need to know!

Daily forecast blogs are going to be posted everyday Monday through Thursday. This is where you can get a breakdown of what exactly we will be seeing for the next day or two and then a long term discussion that includes what we will be seeing for the rest of the week. Recently posted blogs can be accessed directly from the homepage or if you click the magnifying glass in the upper left of the page, you can access all of the blogs we have posted. A new blog will also be created for everyday that a watch or warning is issued for our region as well!

Sooner or later, this will also be accompanied by daily weathercasts where students will record a broadcast using our studio software and WSI MAX weather graphics system and will be uploaded to our website and YouTube channel (@weatherdawgs). Our studio is located in the basement if the Geography/Geology building on UGA's campus. With the above average rainfall we received in January, the basement unfortunately flooded. With that, we have not been able to use our studio to record those daily videos as the basement has been under construction. Hopefully soon that will change and the daily videos will begin to roll out!

We will use twitter as our primary social media account (@wxdawgs). This is where we will post weather updates, photos, along with any watches and warnings. Give us a follow and feel free to tag us in any weather related events/pictures that happen in north Georgia.

Yes! Severe weather coverage is still a thing! We will continuously monitor for the potential of severe weather and keep you ahead of the storm. Throughout the days or even week leading up to a severe weather event, we will keep you updated through daily forecast blogs and videos explaining the science, timing, and impacts that north Georgia could potentially see. If there are tornado warnings, we will go live to cover the storm until the warning expires. Live videos will be accessible on YouTube and Twitter.

Feel free to check out our team as well and learn a little more about each of us! It's all accessible from the search button at the top of the screen!

We hope that you continue to trust The WeatherDawgs for years to come and appreciate all of the support from our donors and followers.

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