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Rain On The Horizon

For our viewers in North Georgia and Athens, it has been a relatively quiet few days weather wise as we have only been getting abundant sunshine, slightly cooler temperatures and had an early morning shower on Wednesday for our commute to work. But that is all going to change as a stationary front sitting over the Midwest has expanded and now is covering the southeast, bringing with it chance for repeated rain showers over the next few days.

As we go into the overnight hours in Athens, we expect to see scattered thunderstorms throughout the night with the low dipping into the upper 60's. For tomorrow, AM thunderstorms will linger into your morning commute while clear up into partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. The high will be in the upper 80's.

For North Georgia, the story is mostly the same. as we head into the overnight hours, scattered thunderstorms will be present throughout the night and the low will be in the upper 60's. For tomorrow, we expect mostly cloudy conditions with the high in the mid to upper 80's.

As we head into the weekend, abundant sunshine will be present for most of the weekend, but there will be a chance for a few isolated afternoon thunderstorms on Sunday. On another note, the summer shift for WeatherDawgs is coming to a close and this will be our last blog post for for a couple of weeks until the fall semester starts. But don't you worry as severe weather coverage will continue throughout this gap so you can stay informed to life-saving information during severe weather events in our coverage area. Have a wonderful weekend!

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