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Spring Is In the Air with a Chance of Showers

Like today, we have warm weather heading our way with a chance of rain tonight for much of North Georgia.

For you fans of spring temperatures, you're in luck as they are here to stay as we move forward with the week. Overnight tonight, the low will range from upper 50's to low 60's is expected with a few sprinkles expected in the early AM while temperatures will rise to the mid 70's in the daytime. If you think this is warm for this time of year, it is! Our low for tonight is the normal high for this time of year, so enjoy the warm temperatures! Expect cloudy conditions for most of the day with clouds partially clearing in the late afternoon. For tomorrow night, expect another warm night of upper 50's to lower 60's with a stray rain shower forecasted.

Looking ahead for the rest of the week, Southerly winds are bringing warm and moist air into much of the southeast. The Athens area specifically will experience “Spring-like” conditions with warmer temperatures reaching 20 degrees above average and cloudy skies. High temperatures could break into the 80s towards the end of the week, so pull your short sleeves and shorts out from storage! Overnight temperatures will stay mild and sit in the low 60s. Going into Thursday, a storm system will be moving in from the west with slim precipitation chances for Athens as the storm will be strengthening further north. These temperatures are expected to rebound back to our “Spring-like” conditions of the middle 70s going into early next week.

This week we are rolling out a 7 day for central North Georgia, since the weather there is normally different than Athens, with different rain chances and timing to be more inclusive to our viewing area. Below is the 7 day for central North Georgia first, and then for Athens.

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