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  • Adam Smith

Still Cold

For our viewers and North Georgia and Athens, we experienced bitterly cold temperatures today with some breezy conditions that certainly kept everyone layered up. Unfortunately, it appears these cold conditions are here to stay.

Tonight, we are expecting very cold temperatures again, with lows in the low 20's or upper teens. Tomorrow, temperatures will rebound into the mid-40's with generally clear conditions.

For North Georgia, we are again expecting bitterly cold temperatures, with lows generally in the teens. Tomorrow, temperatures will rebound slightly into the lower 40's with building cloud cover and a slight chance of rain in the late evening.

After tomorrow's brief respite from the bitter cold, another cold front will traverse the area, bringing light precipitation for North Georgia and the Athens area. Behind the cold front, bitter cold will return once again, with temperatures plunging well below average Friday and into the weekend. Be sure to stay warm! Go Dawgs!

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