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Thawing out

For our viewers in North Georgia and Athens, we have been experiencing below average temperatures for this time of the year, running 10-15 degrees below average. Along with a cold frontal passage through our area yesterday, we got very chiily, with lows dipping into the mid 20's here in Athens and in North Georgia, mostly low 20's with some areas even dropping into the teens. But, the good news is that temperatures are slowing rebounding up, along with less wind and sunny skies.

As we head into the overnight hours for Athens, we expect to see a few passing clouds, but generally clear, with the low's going down into the high 20's. For tomorrow, sunny skies are expected, along with a few passing clouds, with the high reaching the low 60's. For North Georgia, the same story can be said. For tonight, we expect partly cloudy conditions with the low dipping into the low 30's. For tomorrow, sunny skies with a few clouds present, with the high hitting around 60 degrees.

As we look forward to the rest of the week, a low pressure system is moving in on Friday morning, bringing in rain showers, a couple rumbles of thunder and some much needed rainfall to our area. Stay tuned for more updates on how this wlll affect your weekend plans. Have a great weekend!

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