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Warming Up and Pack the Umbrella

Things have been feeling pretty dreary across North Georgia today, but a warm-up is on the way heading into the next few days. Temperatures are expected to rebound into the upper 70s across the entire region tomorrow - perhaps with a few localized areas having lower or higher readings depending on the specifics of some isolated showers and cloud cover. Bring your umbrella in case you find yourself under one of these downpours. Expect morning temperatures to be slightly chilly with values in the mid to upper-50s.

Heading into Wednesday, conditions are going to be undeniably HOT. Temperatures across North Georgia are looking to be in the mid to maybe even upper-80s. Fortunately, humidity is not expected to be fairly reasonable, so the apparent or "feels-like" temperatures are not expected to be above the true air temperature. However, remember that these temperatures have not been seen since early last Fall, so you are not acclimated to the hot weather. Drink plenty of fluids and seek shade if needed. Please do the same for your furry friends as well!

Heading into the late week, there will be a cold-front passage that will bring very rainy conditions. There is still a lot of lead time so the details have yet to be ironed out, but the potential for excessive rainfall certainly exists - especially as you head further South and East toward Augusta. Speaking of which, expect these wet conditions to impact the Masters Tournament, so if you are planning to travel to Augusta to watch some golf or partake in the festivities, remember to bring plenty of rain gear.

Maps of current estimates for the high temperatures on Wednesday and an idea of what the radar could look like heading into the weekend are included below.

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