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  • Adam Smith

Well... Another Wet Weekend

For our viewers in North Georgia and Athens, we experienced much cooler tempertures today with a noticeably lower amount of severe thunderstorms. The frontal passage yesterday (which brought those aforementioned storms) ushered in these cooler temperatures, although it did not clear out the persistent cloudiness that stuck around with us today. As the title implies, those clouds will be sticking around as light rain moves in overnight and more persistent showers overtake the area Friday. This evening will remain noticeably cool, with lows expected to fall into the low 40s as the clouds continue to thicken and light rain becomes possible. As the next system approaches, a wedge will set up overnight and keep us well below average in the mid 40s. Rain will likely be widespread, making for a classic day of wedge-driven nastiness.

Northwest Georgia will experience similar conditions under growing clouds and scattered rain showers overnight, with temps dropping into low 40s or upper 30s throughout the area. The majority of the area will also get trapped under the wedge, and will also languish under low or mid 40s tempertures. Rain will be widespread throughout the area, making for a miserable day region-wide. Overall, although Friday will be less than ideal weather-wise, the rain is expected to clear out Saturday afternoon and into Sunday. Temperatures will, thankfully, warm to slightly above average temperatures Saturday and possibly reach into the 70s by the beginning of next week. The rain will return in tandem with the rising temps, making for a more Spring-like week to recover from another brief taste of winter this weekend. Finally, for all the UGA Students out there, have a great Spring Break! We are looking forward to a return to forecasting on March 11! Stay safe and have a great break! Go Dawgs!!!

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