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Wet Weather Returns

For our viewers in Athens and North Georgia, we had a pleasant past couple of days with the sunny skies and dry air keeping storms at bay. We enjoyed having mostly clear skies with temperatures reaching up to the upper 80s, just slightly lower than the average during this time of the summer where the high temperature averages in the lower 90s.

Going into tomorrow, we expect these conditions to continue for Athens with partly cloudy conditions and the high temperature reaching into the upper 80s and the low temperature sitting in the low 70s. Tomorrow for North Georgia, we expect a clouds to roll in with a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms covering the area, and the high temperature will remain in the upper 80s with the low temperature dipping into the lower 70s.

Athens and North Georgia are expected to experience a wet weekend as scattered thunderstorms are anticipated to move into the areas Saturday. For Athens, the high is expected to peak up to 90 before scattered thunderstorms begin to pop up and bring a chance of rain in the afternoon, and the low will remain in the lower 70s. For North Georgia, the scattered thunderstorms will keep the high in the mid to upper 80s with the low dipping down to 70.

Looking further ahead into next week for Athens, we expect the sky conditions to be mostly sunny with the high temperatures hovering in the mid 90s and the low temperatures to remain in the lower 70s. Next week for North Georgia, we expect mostly sunny conditions with the high temperatures floating in the lower 90s and the low temperatures to be in the upper 60s to lower 70s.

With the typical summertime sunny skies and high temperatures next week, stay cool by staying hydrated, limit your time basking in the Sun by staying under shaded cover, and wear sunscreen for prolonged outdoor activity!

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